Quick Reference Membership Chart & Fees

Membership Types Competitive Active Social
 - row in a Club organised session one day a week (currently Saturday)     X
- row in the organised social session (above) and one day during the week with any Crew organised session
- row at any time subject to availability & experience X
Details and Inclusions
- may nominate for Pennant Regattas X
- may nominate for Masters Regattas X
- may nominate for Head Races X
- registration fee to Rowing WA included X
- seat fees are invoiced individually per race (passed onto rower from RWA)

- those individuals who love to be on the water but do not participate in rowing X

Adult : Option 1 - Annual Subscription (Jan renewal) $600
+$100 seat fees upfront
$600 $450
Adult : Option 2 - Twice Yearly Subscription (Jan & Jul renewal) $300
+$100 seat fees upfront
$300 $225
Student : Option 1 - Annual Subscription (Jan renewal) $500 $500 $350
Student : Option 2 - Twice Yearly Subscription (Jan & Jul renewal) $250 $250 $175
Coxswains : Annual Subscription Only (Jan renewal) $0 $0 $0


  1. A membership level can be downgraded upon request to the Committee.
  2. Members are expected to participate fully in the running of the Club, which includes fundraising activities and participation in the hosting of one competitive regatta.
  3. Membership may be cancelled if the Club determines the non-participation of an individual is not in line with the Club's ideals.
  4. Current social rowing day is Saturday - dependent on weather conditions and supervisor availability.
  5. Social members cannot nominate for any regatta unless membership is upgraded.
  6. If a membership level is upgraded to allow participation in regattas, then that membership level must be maintained for the remainder of the year.
  7. Competitive members can row whenever they wish.
  8. Members nominating for regattas must be financially current, prior to the regatta.
  9. Competitive members will be invoiced $100 at the beginning of the year for seat fees. This invoice and a credit balance must be maintained for seat fees prior to registering for any race throughout the season.
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