Key Terms

Pennants Score Range

  A 0.00000 to
  B 1.00001 to
  C 2.70001 to
  D 3.50001 to
  E 3.80001 to

Master Age Categories

Masters rower shall be placed in the age category corresponding to the age he/she attains during the current calendar year.

  A   27+
  B   36+
  C   43+
  D   50+
  E   55+
  F   60+
  G   65+
  H   70+
  I   75+
  J   80+
  K   85+

Classes of Boats

  Single Scull   (1X)
  Double Scull   (2X)
  Pair   (2-)
  Quadruple Scull   (4X-)
  Coxed Quadruple Scull   (4X+)
  Four   (4-)
  Coxed Four   (4+)
  Coxed Eight   (8+)

Event Divisions Heats Finals

Event Divisions Heats Finals
1000M N/A N/A
E Grade 1000M N/A N/A
D Grade
1000M N/A N/A
C Grade
N/A 1500M 1500M
B Grade
N/A 2000M 2000M
A Grade N/A 2000M 2000M

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