About Regattas

Pennant Regattas

In order to compete in the rowing regattas, individuals will need to:

  1. Ensure the Club Captains are aware of your desire to compete
  2. Order a Murdoch University Rowing Club Zootie (compulsory competitive rowing uniform) from the Regatta Shop.
  3. Other Club Merchandise is available to purchase here.

Details regarding the dates and venue of the regattas during the current rowing season are listed on the RowingWA web-site.

Masters' Regattas

A rower may compete at the master level from the beginning of the year in which they attain the age of 27 years.

Details regarding the dates of the Masters Rowing Regattas are included in the annual regatta schedule.

Both Masters competitors and Pennant competitors can complete in the Head Races.

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